Free Traffic Course – Day 4

This day 4 of “Free Traffic Course” is devoted to mailing lists, their power to increase targeted web site traffic, automate online advertising and give more sales from web site visitors.

What is an email message in terms of communicating in Internet? Usually people say this is a specially coded message that can deliver information to the specified address(es). But this is a very formal explanation.

Email is your voice in Internet. Though the technologies of transferring sounds and live video images are developing rapidly,Guest Posting still email remains the most universal tool for communicating in Internet. So, email is the voice of your web site. If the web site “speaks” with a professionally set voice, using good tone – the web site gets high credibility. That is why a proper management of email for the web site is very important.

But emails are not only message carriers to your clients or prospects.
They can be a powerful advertising cool, educational guideline or eZine which helps to promote the product/service better. Emails can
serve as a good feedback from the clients. Only your imagination can
limit the benefits of using emails for your online business.


If you have used any mailing tool before, then you perhaps know this problem – everything works good. But so many features and options are simply unavailable, other features have many limits and restrictions.

Some mailing tools have limit on the number of mailing lists inside them. Some tools should be installed for each web site separately which often means you have to pay for every installation of mailing tool to the new web site. Some mailing tools do not show statistic data – how can you track your work with clients if you do not know the mailing statistics details? Some mailing tools do not allow to personalize messages, and this is a huge step back for clients. The drawbacks are numerous.

One of the modules integrated in Free Traffic System has a revolutionary mailing list tool that solves all the problems mentioned above. It fully automates the mailing routine for your web site, giving amazing benefits and advantages.

Read each of the benefits and advantages and see how they will help
your web site and online business.

Mailing List module is unlimited – you can create as many mailing lists as you wish, you can add as many subscribes to these mailing lists as you wish, you can send as many messages as you wish.

Mailing List module manages the mailing for all your web sites from
ONE web site where you have installed Free Traffic System. No routine installations – put the system to one of your web sites, and the Mailing List module will manage your correspondence from one
“captain’s deck”. Very convenient and saves time.

You can personalize your messages the way you wish. Mailing List module supports more than 20 macros elements: web site name, mailing list name, date of user registration in mailing list, first and last name, user’s email, subscriber’s date of birth, country, state, etc. You can customize your messages so your clients will feel the real personalized approach to them. Clients like when someone cares about

You can send messages in HTML and TXT formats. Send your clients the messages that will be in the format that suits your clients better.

You can test and preview all messages before sending them. Thus you will know how exactly your messages will look. If there any mistakes in the message, you preview the letter and correct mistakes before your clients see them.

You can attach files to the messages. If you have any important file that has to go separately or cannot be pasted in the letter body, use the attachment feature.

A huge base of ready-made letter templates. Some say that templates are for lazy people. This is not true – templates are for those who want to save their time and still get a good-looking result. Plus you can edit existing templates or make the templates by yourself.

The system has also preinstalled mailing lists: directory, spider, autoresponder, mailing list, site news, etc. You can use them if you do not want to create your own mailing lists. You can also edit them the way you wish and create your own lists.

One and the same message can be sent to subscribers of different mailing lists. You just tick the necessary mailing lists and Free Traffic System automatically sends message(s) to the subscribers of all these lists.

You can send messages in queue. You set the date when the message should be sent, and then leave the office. You can even go on a vacation; when the time for sending comes (in a week or in a year), your message will be sent to necessary email addresses.

You get full statistic data for new, unsubscribed users for the mailing lists. You choose the period for displaying statistic data, and Free Traffic System shows you everything.

You can add new subscribers, edit profile of existing subscribers, delete the profile, filter and search the subscribers in mailing list base. You can transfer (import and export) the subscribers from one mailing list to another. Or save the subscribers’ database in a special file.

These are not all the features and options you get with Mailing List module of Free Traffic System, but even now you can see that your mailing activity becomes really unlimited with such a tool.


Ok, just one example to illustrate how much you can do with this module for your web site. Let’s say, you decided to make eZine about your food recipes. You go the Mailing List in Free Traffic System and do the following.

1. Choose the appropriate eZine template. If you found the one that you like, customize it. If you want to make your own eZine – make your own template and use it.

2. The eZine message is ready. Ok, choose when you want to send it – set the date, and feel free to do anything you wish. Free Traffic System will automatically send it on the day set by you.

3. Now you choose what clients from your web site will get the eZine. If you have many mailing lists and want all their subscribers to get the eZine – tick all mailing lists and eZine will be sent to all their subscribers.

4. If you already have many messages in your eZine – you can queue them. The messages can be sent every day, once a week, whenever you wish.

You get absolute freedom in mailing tactics. Only you set the limits to your email activity: you go to settings of Mailing Lists and adjust them to your current needs.

Actually, this day of “Free Traffic Course” could be several times longer, because the mailing features of Free Traffic System are really versatile.

But you can save your time, visit the web site and read the features for this and other modules.

But this module has one surprise – Mailing List includes the Autoresponder which is already integrated into the system. This adds a
perfect follow-up marketing power. If you want to know more about it and other useful features of Free Traffic System, the next days of “Free Traffic Course” will explain everything in details.

Grow your knowledge, traffic and profits.

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How Industry Mailing List Plays a Big Part in Building Market Share

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Healthcare Industry Mailing Lists
Education Email lists

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